Choosing a Hand-Carved Mirror

Mirrors are to bathrooms as chandeliers are to dining rooms: They are the focal point of the space. A truly beautiful mirror can give a bathroom vibrance and character. Take a look at these three equally beautiful but distinctly crafted mirrors.

Teak Wood Mirror - Rectangle

Teak Wood Mirror – Rectangle

If you’re looking for a full-size mirror, this 48″ x 22″ Teak Wood Mirror is hand-carved and finished by local artisans in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The mirror comes in a Walnut or a White Wash finish, so it can fit any vibe you’re trying to match.

Teak Wood Mirror - Octagon

Teak Wood Mirror – Octagon

For a slightly funkier look, consider this 34″ Octagonal Teak Wood Mirror, which is also hand-carved from very durable and sustainable teak wood and also comes in a variety of finishes.

 Teak Branch Mirror

Teak Branch Mirror

This Branch Teak Wood Mirror is also unique, as it’s made of many smaller pieces of wood, giving the piece a rich texture and creative design.

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