Functional and Affordable Bath Bar

Verde Lifestyles has many bathroom products to set your bathroom décor apart from the rest. Take for instance these handmade teak wood mirrors or this teak storage shelving unit. Both of these products will make your interior design look sophisticated and interesting. But it’s the less noticeable products that will make your bathroom more beautiful and more functional.

The handmade Teak Bath Bar makes taking a bath a whole lot easier.

Teak Bath Bar

Teak Bath Bar

You don’t need to fret about what to do with your soap or towels, you can just put them on this bar and keep them from getting wet. Likewise you won’t have to do any more awkward leaning out of the tub to reach the soap and things placed on the ground as this bar is conveniently placed above the tub’s water.

Feel good using this sustainable and ecofriendly bath bar while you enjoy time to yourself in the bath.

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