Wet Conditions and Teak

Some might hear “bathroom and wood,” and cringe! We are use to thinking that the usual lightly treated wood would warp under constant moisture and exposure.

However, Teak wood is one of a kind. It is naturally moisture resistant, splinter resistant, and has been used for centuries in the moist/hot climates near the Indian Ocean for both homes and furniture. This is why Natural Wood Decor’s teak bath mat is so ideal for daily use in your bathroom. With proper upkeep, they don’t warp. They do not begin to smell like a fabric bathmat might. Instead, their natural oils, sturdy tensile strength, and tight grain are naturally opposed to water retention. Also, teak has a low shrinkage ratio and is resistant to rot and mildew. Plus, we add a Natural Teak Oil Finish to further protect the wood against the elements.

Teak Bath Mat

Teak Bath Mat

Natural Wood Decor’s teak bath mat is made from finely sanded wood slats and spans about 2 1/4 feet wide by 1 and 1/2 feet long. Adding one to your bathroom is a great long term solution to aesthetically warming up the cold tile, in addition to making your space truly unique.

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